Smart meters are replacing traditional energy meters across Great Britain as part of an essential infrastructure upgrade that will make our energy system cheaper, cleaner and more reliable. They are modernising the energy infrastructure by ending manual meter reads, delivering accurate bills. To achieve this, consumers must continue to be at the heart of the rollout. The Government is committed to ensuring that an effective strategy for consumer engagement is in place, which supports uptake of smart meters and enables consumers to realise the full range of benefits.

The Government is set a target date of 31st December 2020 to have smart meters installed on all gas and electricity supplies for domestic and commercial properties. Smart meters replace existing meters that send electronic meter readings to the energy supplier. The benefits of installing smart meters include accurate billing and the provision of valuable data enabling analysis to identify opportunities to drive down energy usage in buildings.

Unfortunately, due to a number of issues including the availability of meters and installers, the deadline was missed. The Government is pressing ahead with plans to have all meters installed and is currently consulting on plans to extend the remit of Smart Meters GB to continue with the roll out and to promote the benefits to all users. Suppliers have a responsibility to make smart meters available to all consumers who agree to the installation. The deadline is now 31st December 2024 and the programme of installation continues. 


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