The transition of 05-08 Profile Class supplies to settled half hourly (HH) is still being finalised by suppliers and district network operators (DNO) despite this impacting contracts starting on or after 5th November 2015. It is frustrating that, whilst the industry has been aware of this change for many months, those parties involved have not got their house in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Elexon has decided that all supplies will be assigned a capacity of 71 kVA until the relevant DNO has agreed the capacity size of the supply. The supplies will remain 05-08 profile classes but the measurement class of supply will change against which the suppliers will contract and charges will be set

Metering Systems are currently categorised by five Measurement Classes. P272 will introduce two additional classes (F and G) and amend the definition of one (E):

  • A = Non Half Hourly Metered
  • B = Non Half Hourly Unmetered
  • C = Half Hourly Metered in 100kW Premises
  • D = Half Hourly Unmetered
  • E = Half Hourly Metered not 100kW – CT Meter Sub 100k
  • F = Domestic HH Settled
  • G = Whole Current HH Settled

This is being managed in different ways across the supply market with some suppliers still not decided how they are handling the transition or pricing this. Many are differentiating between renewals and new acquisitions guaranteeing no additional charges (i.e. available capacity, DUoS and TNUoS) will be added for the first year for new acquisitions but not for renewals. Whilst the commencement date is 5th November 2015, some suppliers will start pricing in the new way for renewals (where they are the current supplier) from 1st November 2015 therefore attracting the additional charges sooner. With regard to MOPs and DC, suppliers are expecting independent contracts to be signed ahead of contract renewal to secure contract offers without these elements added.

With suppliers unsure how these will be contracted, billed and charged for the pass-through elements and DNOs not having assigned capacities to supplies, the consumer will be the one to suffer. How can budgets be accurately set when there is no clarity as to what charges will be passed on via the bills? Also how can contract offers be accurately compared when there is no consistency in approach?

We continue to work with all parties to gain clarity. Complete the contact section or email for further advice.

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