The Department for Business, Environment and Industrial Strategy has launched an independent review of the Government’s approach to delivering its Net-Zero Cardon target, to ensure that it is pro-business and pro-growth.

The review will consider how the approach to Net Zero can:

  • deliver maximum economic growth and investment, driving opportunities for private investment, jobs, innovation, exports, and growth right across the UK;
  • support UK energy security and affordability for consumers and business and the need to rapidly increase and strengthen UK energy production and supply; and
  • minimise costs borne by businesses and consumers, particularly in the short-term.

The review will assess the economic co-benefits associated with different policies and how the cost for net zero technologies can be driven down. It will also consider innovative approaches and ways of delivering the target that ensure the government maximises the economic opportunities presented by net zero.

It is the view of BEIS that everyone in the country has a stake in the transition to net zero so should therefore have a voice. Net-Zero strategy decisions will impact consumers, employees, and businesses, affecting cities, agricultural economy, and the natural environment.

As the transition to Net-Zero Carbon continues to change the way everyone leads their lives, altering the way we fuel our homes, commute to work, spend our leisure time and consume products. Given the all-encompassing nature of the transition, BEIS is seeking input from all parties to understand how the transition can be delivered in a way that supports growth, consumers, communities, energy security and businesses.

BEIS is particularly seeking views on the following questions:

  • How does net zero enable us to meet our economic growth target of 2.5% a year?
  • What challenges and obstacles are envisaged to decarbonisation?
  • What opportunities are there for new/amended measures to stimulate or facilitate a transition that is pro-growth and/or pro-business?
  • What more could government do to support businesses, consumers, and other actors to decarbonise?
  • Where and in what areas of policy focus could net zero be achieved in a more economically efficient manner?
  • How should we balance our priorities to maintaining energy security with our commitments to delivering net zero by 2050?
  • What growth benefits/opportunities have been achieved or are envisaged, from the net zero transition?
  • What barriers do you face in decarbonising your business and its operations?
  • What impacts have changing consumer choices/demand had on your business?
  • What more could be done to support your business and/or sector to decarbonise?

We are formulating our response to the consultation and would welcome any thoughts you may have on the issues raised. The consultation closes on 27 October 2022. To have your say, please email the compliance team at or to discuss this further please call Melanie Kendall-Reid on 01252 87 87 22.

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